Bar Codes to Cater to the Fashion Elite

Next month’s Fashion Week in New York will have a cute new accessory to dazzle the fashionistas. The event will be utilizing technology that the trade show industry as employed for several years now: barcodes.

We barcodnistas are pretty used to it by now. You register for NRF or RetailNow or any other trade event and you get a confirmation email with a barcode that you use to fly through the registration lines, laughing at long lines behind you.

Signature9 reported that Getting into FashionWeek shows have had epic long lines and only the fashion elites got fast tracked to their seats. Now attendees donning their barcoded RSVPs likebarcode purse next year’s hip clutch purses will fly over to check-in kiosks, scan their barcodes and get their seat assignments. The new system will give the event planners better gate-crash management as well as a faster seat switching capability.

The combination of technologies is really the interesting thing about this news. Not only will the implementation of barcodes provide better insight and management of attendees, the deployment of kiosks will deliver reduced wait times, fewer errors and greater attendee satisfaction. You can check out our retail solutions here.

How could you combine tracking technologies in a new way?


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