Dinner Date with Handhelds and Printers

Handheld terminals may look cool in restaurants but a recent article in Hospitality Technology magazine asks if they really provide any value. Restaurants, like any business are always on the lookout for operational improvements. Usually this in the food preparation area. You can see the whole article here.

The goal of improving both profitability and customer loyalty is always a driving force behind any change in a restaurant so new technology is no different. Brian Vick, Owner of Brian’s Cheesesteaks took a look at tableside handheld terminals a few years ago with the aim of overall efficiency improvement. Did they cook up the ROI he was hoping to dine on? Here are a few benefits he saw:

  • Decrease in order time. Since servers didn’t have to take time going to a POS station, orders could route to the kitchen right away and servers could spend more time servicing customers.
  • Faster service created more table turns, and potentially larger average check amounts. Diners had more time for desserts which led to more revenue.
  • Better customer service. Diners got their food faster but they also got a shot of confidence when they saw their orders being sent to the kitchen rather than sitting in the servers back pocket.
  • Significant reduction in order errors. Reducing order errors reduced kitchen cook-overs and reduced waste from order that were thrown away and not sold.

Mobile printers to print receipts and order confirmations make a great side order to accompany this efficiency feast. Click here to see our line of Zebra’s rugged mobile printers.


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