Intelligent Mobility – Print with your Smartphone

Just imagine if retail associates had customizable smartphone apps that allowed them to directly access printers—anywhere in the store, anytime. The possibilities for improving efficiencies are nearly endless, from re-pricing, to queue busting, and even receipt printing tasks. Retailers could create apps for printing inventory records, tracking tags, point-of-sale receipts, product labels, and much more.

For retailers, shifting to mobile devices for in-store tasks presents a wide range of avenues for improving the franchise’s bottom line. Adding smartphone technologies to the mobility mix gives employees a familiar, cost-effective, and reliable tool for streamlining their workload, freeing them up for more customer face time. The result is a vastly improved customer experience. And we all know, customer-friendly retailers command the lion’s share of the revenue stream.

Multiplatform SDKs and Smartphone Apps Unlock Vital Benefits

Today, an innovative wave of multiplatform software development kits (SDKs) are rapidly coming to market that enable retailers to create tailored apps, and print from multiple BlackBerry® smartphone models or Windows Mobile® devices and terminals. The optimal SDK includes intuitive documentation, source code samples, and on-phone demonstration modules that make creating custom applications easy and fast.

In fact, many retailers are empowering their employees with SDK-app enabled smartphones for line queue busting in airport terminals, accelerating point of sale (POS) tasks, and receipt-printing tasks. Printing tasks are not limited to text and graphic-only outputs. Retailers using thermal printers can leverage smartphones to create RFID tags, bar codes, and other complex labeling tasks.

SDK apps allow users to load and print right away, which provide retailers immediate productivity benefits, and eliminate the hassles associated with complex printer middleware. Label templates can be stored on the smartphone, terminal, or directly on the printer, enabling design reuse and scalability as labeling requirements evolve.

A Smart Choice – Print Now, Print Later, From Anywhere

Smartphones turn any location into a mobile office, and create a wide range of compelling business advantages. Smartphone-driven printing provides increased efficiency and flexibility that help lower operational costs and improve customer satisfaction. In most applications, retailers can see an almost immediate return on investment after implementing wireless mobility solutions—especially with the rapid decrease in smartphone prices.

Mobility technology delivers far-reaching benefits to retail operations, quickly, efficiently, and securely. Smartphone technology extends seamless mobility beyond traditional boundaries, enabling businesses to empower their employees with a cost-effective and flexible solution for enhancing the customer experience while driving revenue growth. For more information about multiplatform SDKs and smartphone utilities, see

Other retail printing options

Mobile printers


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