Meatballs, Salami or Ham? Serve Yourself.

An innovative Spanish Butcher Shop installed self-service vending kiosks for ordering meat, sandwiches and more. 

A small chain of butcher shops in Northern Spain, Izarzugaza, is getting global buzz.  It does the staid old chips and soda vending machine one better.  Izarzugaza offers the option of using self-service, multilingual touchscreens at its shops to place orders, thus making it easier for foreign tourists to place orders in something other than Spanish. Read the rest of the article.

More about the around the clock self-service butcher shop.

 This is just one of many quirky self service vending installations around the world.  On the go and need a new bikini?  Craving the high life and want some caviar?  Feeling daring and ready for some graffiti art?  Read more and see photos here.

 Thinking about a self service kiosk?  Here’s more you should know.


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