Can Self-Service and Mobility Live Together in Harmony?

Is the proliferation of mobile applications and mobile marketing replacing current in-store self-service initiatives? As mobile phones add more applications and get increasingly connected to personal preferences and opt-in marketing, what is the impact to the kiosk industry? Or for that matter, even the future of self-checkout?

Don’t assume just because you do anything in the world with an iPhone that it will render the kiosk market obosete. The fact is, many smartphone aps are designed to actually work with existing self service options such as pre-orders, recipe printing and more.

Integrated Solutions for Retailers Editor in Chief Matt Pillar will be facilitating a Motorola-Zebra webinar on the subject “When is Self-Service the Best Service?” on Thursday, July 15th. He’ll talk with Zebra on where printing plays in an increasingly all-digital world and discuss which mobile/self-service applications are actually proving ROI for retailers.

You can get more details on the webinar here.


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