Boosting Retail ROI: How Kiosks Build Loyalty Beyond Your Loyalty Program

Over the past several weeks, we’ve touched on top ways retailers use self service to streamline store processes, reduce labor costs through labor redeployment, and reduce paper and consumables costs. They’ve included:

And here’s one more: We’ve found one of the most successful applications in delivering both major operating efficiencies and satisfied customers is the use of loyalty card self-service kiosks.

Why so? First, consider your store’s most important asset—your customers. With traditional loyalty programs, you start out by asking customers to take time to fill out a paper form in the middle of your store’s hustle and bustle. They feel put out. Add to that the two or three weeks it may take you to process their application and ship them their card, and the whole process becomes a burden for them.

It’s also a burden for you as a retailer. There’s a vast amount of paper associated with traditional loyalty programs. Chris Peter, project manager for St. Clair Interactive, tells us that 40 percent of paper-based program applications—surveys, questionnaires and the like—are rejected because of sloppy handwriting or incomplete information.

Eliminating the paper by using self-service kiosks reduces incorrect information, eliminates multiple customer records, and cuts your administrative costs. And while eliminating paper is the green thing to do, it also happens to cut your consumables costs.

Issuing loyalty cards via self-service kiosks is a win-win application. Streamlined processes lower your costs. And your customers are happy because they can quickly do it themselves. In goes their information, and out comes a valid loyalty card with which they can immediately start earning rewards.

If you’re curious about other ways self-service can increase same-store results, check out this recorded webinar produced by RIS News. Also learn more about kiosk printers.

Do you see opportunities for improving efficiencies through loyalty card kiosks?


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