Boosting Retail ROI: Ordering Extra Revenue on Rye

We’ve talked about how using kiosks for employee self-service programs can deliver great ROI. What about customer-facing applications? For grocery stores, one of the top self-service applications for ramping up ROI is deli ordering.

Using self-service kiosks for deli ordering is a great way to improve both incremental sales and employee efficiencies. Our research shows that incremental sales increase 6 to 8 percent when a customer orders through a kiosk, and in turn, clerks can process 11 to 16 percent more orders during peak shopping hours with the same staff. That’s because they can spend less time taking orders, and more time fulfilling them.

What’s more, you can increase the success of your grocery’s kiosk deployment by offering multiple applications on the same kiosk. For instance, your deli-ordering kiosk could also offer recipes, nutritional information, loyalty coupons, price checking and wine pairing all on the same device. When you combine the 7 to 11 percent incremental increase in sales you can achieve with wine pairing, and the 6 to 8 percent delivered through deli ordering, you have an even more compelling reason to move to self service in your grocery.

This white paper gives a quick overview of other ways kiosks in grocery stores can improve ROI.

Given the demonstrated ROI, would you consider adding kiosk ordering to your grocery store’s deli?


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