Is Your Route Delivery Half-Baked?

We all know that no mobility solution is complete without industrial agitators and centrifugal sifters, right? Okay, probably not. Attending a baking industry show can mess with your head. But while equipment like this may be important only to bakers, it holds little if any interest to say beer distributors or meat packers. What they do have in common though is how they ship, deliver and sell their goods once those products leave their factories.

Increasing the number of deliveries on routes or increasing the data accuracy either collected or received or the ability to conduct more transactions in the field are all challenges that face the food and beverage industry as a whole.

At the Canadian Bakery Showcase this week, we talked to a number of companies ranging from yeast suppliers to baked goods producers who recognized that migrating from handwritten receipt printing, being able to print transaction records or even conduct transactions in the field can add up to significant savings. If you were able to squeeze one or two more stops a day per driver, what additional revenue could you realize over the course of a month? Over the course of a year? If you were able to reduce the handwriting errors that necessitate corrective work to be done to fix the problem, how much time would you save? How would that impact your business?


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