What Could Your Store Do with an Apple® iPad™?

RetailWire recently led a lively discussion about the potential uses for Apple’s new iPad™ in a retail environment. One application mentioned was the replacement of kiosks.

Apple iPad

We wonder about the real-world feasibility of that, though. Kiosks offer customers the convenience of self-service, whereas a store-owned mobile pad device seems to require a sales associate to use it with their customers. Otherwise, you’d have to find a way to anchor it so it doesn’t “walk away.” In other words, turn it into a kiosk.

Another thing: What about printing? Most kiosks can print recipes, gift registry lists, receipts, loyalty cards, gift cards, and on and on. An iPad doesn’t have a rugged printer, built for retail environments, “attached” to it. (Nor is an iPad tough enough for most such environments.)

How would you use a mobile pad device in your stores? Would you consider replacing a kiosk with a pad device? And would you consider the loss of a self-service printing capability an issue?

Read the RetailWire discussion here, and the AdAge article that prompted it.


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