QR Codes Coming to a Shelf Label Near You?

Jeff Weidauer of Vestcom International proposed an interesting idea in his online RIS News article: using QR codes on shelf labels.

A QR code—a type of bar code that anyone can scan using a smart phone and a free app—directs the phone to a Web site or other Web content. While manufacturers will likely be adding QR codes to product packaging as the technology catches on, Jeff suggests forward-thinking retailers seize upon the possibilities now, and apply QR codes to the shelf edge as part of their mobile strategy. Just think how shelf-edge QR codes could instantly provide shoppers with coupons or relevant information such as country of origin, recipes, and the like.

 Actually executing the idea could be relatively easy. Using a QR-capable mobile bar code printer like Zebra’s QL 320 Plus™ model—the mobile printer your store may already use to save time and labor through on-demand, in-aisle, accurate shelf labeling—would be a natural fit for your QR code labeling as well. And it would make it easy to swap out shelf labels with new information based on real-time data available through your wireless network. This white paper can tell you more about the potential ROI available through mobile wireless labeling.

Mobile Shelf Labeling

Read Jeff’s complete article here on RISNews.com. And for a fun look at another interesting (albeit unrelated) application for QR codes, check out this recent Shelf Talker post.

Would you consider adding QR codes to your shelf labels? What other applications for QR codes do you see in retail?


One response to “QR Codes Coming to a Shelf Label Near You?

  1. I think it would be a great idea to incorporate barcode labels in to more everyday life. Have seen that the iphone has app’s that you can download to scan and compare prices of food online, as well as an app that tells you the content of the food. Great start, just hope they keep developing the idea!

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