Full-Feature Kiosk Printer: Your New Best Friend

Since we announced the new KR403 kiosk printer today, we thought it would be prudent to give you a few reasons to care about it. It’s just a kiosk printer after all, right?

Well, kind of. Did you know that nearly 90% of today’s kiosks have some sort of printed output? From payment receipts and transaction confirmations to recipe, folio and map printing, most kiosks produce records for the users. However, printers remain the primary cause of kiosk downtime. Not just a kiosk printer anymore, huh? Whether it’s a paper jam or simply being out of media, when a kiosk’s print capability is down, so is the kiosk.

Because a single service call can quickly erase any savings a kiosk integrator realizes from the purchase of a low end printer, we wanted to point out a few reasons why a full featured printer will give you a greater ROI in the long run.

Looping Presenter: The looping present prevents the main cause of kiosk printer jams: End-user interference. This features prevents the user from accessing the printout until it is completely printed and cut, decreasing the chance of premature pulling or tearing that can jam the printer.

Guillotine cutter: A guillotine cutter smoothly separates the printout from the paper roll, not only creating a nice edge, but also preventing jams by keeping the end of the roll available for the next printout.

Large roll capacity: In addition to reducing reloading trips, a large roll capacity reduces the number of times the kiosk is opened, reducing the frequency or improper loading.

Remote monitoring: By being notified when paper is jammed or low, a company can not only reduce kiosk downtime but in some cases, even prevent it.

By eliminating or at least greatly recuing downtime caused by printer problems, kiosk deployers will see more uptime and more uptime means happier customers.


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