Boosting Retail ROI: Employing Self-Service for Employees

If you’re thinking of adopting kiosk self-service, it may be because it offers the ability to streamline store processes, reduce labor costs through labor redeployment, and even reduce paper and consumables costs. But it’s also likely that when you think of self-service, you think of customer-focused applications. The truth is there are powerful efficiencies also to be had by offering self-service solutions to your own employees. 

Zebra’s partner St. Clair Interactive offers an example of a major apparel retailer that found that store managers were spending eight to 16 hours a week to generate employee schedules, two managers were required to do payroll, and employees were missing shifts because of miscommunication. 

The chain rolled out 3,000 employee self-service kiosks to replace its outdated labor management system. Now, employees use the kiosks to clock in and out, review benefits and other HR information, view previous shifts, request time off, and trade shifts with coworkers. Plus, employees no longer miss shifts, because the automated payroll and scheduling system e-mails them their schedule. 

As a result…

  • Headquarters can monitor work force spend in real time with at-a-glance access to in-store operations.
  • Store managers can complete automated scheduling in just two to four hours—a 75 percent reduction from the old process.
  • And, a BIG benefit is that the store can now schedule employees by past store performance. That helps ensure that during peak business hours, the optimum number of employees will be on the floor interacting with customers—increasing customer satisfaction.

 Do you see ways employee self-service could increase efficiencies in your own operations?


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