Unattended RFID Kiosk: Pulling the Night Shift So You Don’t Have To

365 Retail Markets, a unattended retail kiosk provider, recently developed and deployed a self-checkout RFID-based retail kiosk system with item-level tagging called SmartShop. The RFID reader in the SmartKiosk interacts with items in the store labeled with RFID tags, automatically ringing up the items as soon as they come within the set perimeter of the kiosk. Pretty cool.

The system is built around a touch screen checkout, making checkout fast and super convenient. The interface also allows the customer to check out using multiple methods of payment, including biometric thumbprint readings and proximity readers for employee accounts. Once the transaction has been completed, the RFID tag’s information is registered in the system, and the security feature of the tag is disabled.

And the results? Not only are clients able to extend the hours of food services and increase product offerings, they are able to redeploy labor to other areas of the store.

What opportunities do you see to redeploy labor?


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