Have you found retail redemption?

When asked what type of online ad they found most helpful, respondents to 2010 Consumer Study by About.com revealed that 42% of them found ads that had printable coupons most beneficial to their online shopping shopping and research. Second to that was the 32% of the participants that found ads that provided additional information on a product or service. Couple that with a recently published report by coupon transaction company Inmar showed that for the first time in 17 years coupon redemptions increased from the previous year and you have yourself a trend.

The growth of self service kiosks in retail are now able to offer this same kind of value by delivering targeted, printable coupons based on a shopper’s preferences or buying history. Most retailers are finding higher redemption rates on coupons printer in-store as well which can lead to higher average shopping transactions.

Are you tapping into your customers’ loyalty?

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6 responses to “Have you found retail redemption?

  1. Kiosk coupon redemption is huge with our clients! We designed a really cool app for one client that involved a mobile marketing campaign also. It’s at an entertainment venue: a message like this appears on the video board, “Want to win a free meal? Text “MEAL” to this number.” The user then receives a barcode on their phone which they can scan at a kiosk. In seconds, the kiosk prints a coupon for the free meal. The project has had great success!

    • zebratechnologies

      That sounds really cool. Have you used this in grocery and restaurants? Has there been a decent redemption rate?

      • It’s actually our first deployment like this (just rolled out the end of last year) so, not in grocery or restaurants yet! Don’t have the redemption rate of the coupons yet but the kiosk perform multiple tasks and 30% of those visitors have printed coupons (which is the second highest rate for all of the tasks the kiosk completes). And I should clarify that I’m with KioWare Kiosk Software (www.kioware.com) because I guess I’m logged on under my blog instead of my company!

      • zebratechnologies

        I figured it out…being with KioWare 🙂

        Will you be at KioskComm? If so, stop by our booth or we’ll run over to yours. Love to see it in person!

  2. Yup we’ll be at Kioskcom! Booth # 415. We usually have Zebra stuff in our booth so your staff is always checking it out at some point 🙂

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