Are you getting the most out of self service? 3 key areas to consider

With the U.S. economy stabilizing but only slowly coming out of the year-plus long recession, retailers are looking at self-service applications as a way to improve store efficiency and profitability. Many retailers look at kiosks or self-service applications to help them in three areas:

Customer Loyalty
Coupons drive a lot of customer behavior. Retailers are looking to tap into the behavioral data they have on their loyalty customers in order to provide customized offers and specials. Interactive kiosks can provide loyalty customers with a way to check loyalty points and print out targeted coupons and sale items pulled together based on their shopping history.

Customer Experience
The do-it-yourself generation today is able to check onto a flight, check out of a store and check into a product all by themselves. Studies have shown that more and more customers prefer the ability to get in-store information on their own. Kiosks can now provide recipes, product info and item location, creating a more satisfying and efficient shopping experience.

Employee Efficiency
When customers fill out their own orders at the deli counter or cake counter, not only can employees minimize the time spent order taking, they can, for example, spend more time filling custom orders. By taking tasks that don’t require employee involvement and making them a self-service function, retailers can redeploy workers to more high-return activities.

Kiosks can provide benefits to multiple areas of the store with little maintenance. Where in the store do you see kiosks having the most impact?


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